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A Virtual Memorial Foundation
is an Internet based media art project environment dealing with memory and commemorative aspects initiated, created and curated by Agricola de Cologne. in form of a virtual foundation, who is also the President of A Virtual Memorial Foundation.

Founded in 2000, it is the aim of A Virtual Memorial Foundation to keep vivid the memory of collective traumata via artistic interventions, therefore The Foundation works as Center for Commemorative Interventions.

As a media art context developed by Agricola de Cologne, AVM Foundation is representing the continuation to work artistically with commemorative contexts which started when The Wall in Berlin fell in 1989.
As a result of the numerous travels to Eastern Europe, especially Poland, when Agricola de Cologne visited memorial sites like Auschwitz, Majdanek, Krakow or Warsaw standing under the never ending shock, he started in 2001 working on an artistic (physical) memorial project to be realised in collaboration with 10 Polish museums on occasion of the 50th return of the end of World War II in 1995 as his personal contribution ofr a reconciliation with the Jewish, but also the Polish people.
This project was entitled “A Living Memorial Spaces of Art – Memorial project against the Forgetting, Racism, Xenophobia and Antisemitism”, standing under the Patronage of the late president of the Central Jewish Council of Germany, Ignatz Bubis –>

A big part of this multifacetted media art project was destroyed in a terror attack in 1998, an act of mad vandalism.

Initiated and launched on 1 January 2000, AVM Foundation represents the “mother” of the entire global Internet based network in which Agricola de Cologne is realising his ideas of dealing with memorty and art in virtual space in most different ways.

AVM Foundation started in 2000 with monthly changing features, presenting selected memorial days on a global level and asssociated information, texts, articles and especially multi-media works created for these occasions by Agricola de Cologne, further invited online art projects by external artists.
This way, during the first three years – 2000-2002 – A Virtual Memorial offered views on how people in different parts on the globe based on different cultures, religions and social backgrounds are/were dealing with “memory”.

These monthly features are still online and can be accessed via the artistic body of “A Virtual Memorial”

A Virtual Memorial and its aims formed basically also the motivation to restart creating art works again after the attack in 1998. All later started projects are rooted deeply in A Virtual Memorial and reflecting memory in all its facets.

A Virtual Memorial is basically also home and host of several ongoing memorial projects like “Memorial for the Victims of Terror” (2001), “Memorial for the Victims of AIDS” (2002) or “Tsunami Memorial” (2005), which create a memorial space not only sourrounding people, but basically also inside of people.

All those projects realized, currently in realization or to be realized, yet, show the Internet as an ideal memorial space.

Particularly the festival component of NewMediaFest brought the project unexpected developments and perspectives, starting with Violence Online Festival in 2002, a project environment dealing with the countless facets of violence.

In 2003, the main activities took the new “project RRF environment” (Remembering -Repressing-Forgetting) over, in 2004 the global networking project [R][R][F]2004—>XP started a new type of new media art working as a result of global collaboration and networking manifested not only in numerous subordinated projects, but also more than 50 presentations in physical space in most different constellations.

A Virtual Memorial is an award winning project awarded as the best foreign multi-mediaproject on Computer Space Festival Sofia /Bulgaria 2001. Numerous projects realized in the framework of A Virtual Memorial received prizes and awards.

The project itself and most of the incorporated project environments participated in numerous media art exhibitions and festival around the globe —> see also venues.

But working on and with A Virtual Memorial, Agricola de Cologne conquered also other new artiststic expressions like video art or curating, yes curating, since Agricola de Cologne’s curating cannot actually not be compared with the curatorial task of a museum curator, since his aims are to create new challenging artistic contexts addressed to the audience.

Most of Agricola de Cologne smaller individual artworks, whether net based or digital videos are created in the thematical framework of A Virtual Memorial—> see also Agricola de Cologne Moving Picture Collection.

The latest project activities represent SFC – Shoah Film Collection, initiated in 2010 by Agricola de Cologne aimed to encourage young generations of artists to deal artistically with the topic of Shoa as a contribution against the forgetting.

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A Virtual Memorial Foundation

President: Wilfried Agricola de Cologne

info (at) a-virtual-memorial.org