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[R][R][]200x–>XP – global networking project


:: Family Portrait
interactive, Internet based media art project by Agricola de Cologne, Cologne (germany) based media artist and curator,
realised in different project versions first as a corporate part of “Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina” in the context of the global networking project, the artist created in 2004 – [R][R][F]200x – Remembering-Repressing-Forgetting for BEAP (Biennale of Electronic Art Perth/Australia) and in 2005 as a standing alone project for the MOSAICA Award 2005.

Agricola de Cologne’s collaborative project “Family Portrait” portrays three generations of the Partnoy family from Argentina in a triple diasporic tale of survival and artistic creativity. The Partnoys escaped persecution in Europe, fleeing to Argentina where they were once again persecuted during the so-called Argentine holocaust during the military dictatorships. After being “disappeared” and imprisoned in Argentina, Alicia (Raquel’s daughter) and her family found asylum in USA, where later in 1994 also Raquel and her husband Salomón emigrated to, and they all live now as visual artists, writers and poets.

Family Portrait is standing alone as a project net based projects, as well as it represents a corporate part of the other ent based project “Women: Memory of Repression in Argentina (2004/2005), as well as a corporate part of the global networking project [R][R][F] – Remembering-Repressing-Forgetting – and their presentations on festivals and media art exhibitions.

Family Portrait is the MOSAICA Award winner 2005. Mosaica is based at York University Toronto/Canada –

In the framework of MOSAICA AWARD 2005, Agricola produced a third and final version of “Family Portrait” including new aspects of the story and a chapter about the lost son of the Partnoy Family. Agricola’s project spotlights poignant aspects of Jewish diasporic history (Argentina) as well as artists whose identity and work is formed by this Jewish history.
Family Portrait is an Internet based hybrid between an art project and a documentation.

This final version was launched on 1 October 2005 online by LMD – The New Museum of Networked Art and hosted by MOSAICA @ York University online to be reviewed on

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